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The first leg of a weekend concert tour. Waterbury, CT on Friday was all a buzz with excitement as 2,800 patrons came to see a Heart & Soul concert Production in thier city..

Meli'sa Morgan open up with hits Fool's Paradise, and Do Me Baby, just to name a few. The Ted Wizard Mills "The voice of Blue Magic" wowed the audience with array of hits like "What's Come Over me?" and "Side Show"

At intermission, the people were treated to hot DJ Randy mix as they went to out to the lobby for drinks.

The Stylistics open up the second half with "Betta By Golly Wow" "You Make me Feel Brand New" "You Are Everything" just to name a few.

The whispers closed out the night with an amazing show performing hit after hit, including "Olivia" "Rock Steady" "And the Beat Goes On" and "It's A Love Thang" and many more!

Everything ran like clockwork. This was one of our first shows at this venue so we made sure that they did not leave unsatisfied. Then we took this package to Newark NJ!

Newark Symphony Hall Whispers flyer

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