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Nov 22, 2015 - News
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Actor Antonio Fargas aka "Huggy Bear" in the Hit TV series Starsky & Hutch with Leon Barber visits Jacksonville, FL.

Radio Appearance
Black Tie Dinner
Meet with Mayor

fargas at jax News
Afternoon from the Jax Free Press! Guess who's in town hanging with his high school friend Leon Barber? The one and only original Huggy Bear aka Antonio Fargas. Antonio spoke to columnist Lynn Jones on his life growing up in New York, his family and his career. Looking no more than a day over 35, Huggy was all smiles "My mom said I was an infant with a beautiful voice and she encouraged me at 14 years old to try out for Shirley Clark's 'Cool World' stage play. This is my spiritual journey. I know who nurtured and supported me. I am living a life of service. I created a niche out of the characters I played and had an organic feel for each character. I'm humbled and grateful." Stay tuned for more in next week’s issue of the JFP! Huggy will be back to Jax!



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